SolarHow to Set Up a Solar Panel Powered Homesteading Shed Project

How to Set Up a Solar Panel Powered Homesteading Shed Project

This simple tutorial of how to set up a solar panel powered homesteading shed project shows in detail how the sun’s ray can be stored in a battery bank to be called upon day or night to power lighting. This is a simple solution that does not cost a fortune and won’t require you to have your yard trenched in order to run electric lines.
How to Set Up a Solar Panel Powered Homesteading Shed Project

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For many the backyard shed is usually a place to store all of the yard equipment and a catchall storage for what they rarely use. Since these are normally small, poorly lit structures without windows, seeing inside generally requires a flashlight. That can get be problematic sometimes when you have to hold a flashlight and search for what you want.

The solution is solar power and it can easily be moved along with your shed if necessary. This Do It Yourself project explains how easy it actually is to install a low cost 12V power system into any size shed. All of the parts are easy to acquire and for about $200, you can have plenty of light and power to operate small equipment for a couple at a time. It does not require a whole lot of DIY skill to accomplish it in an afternoon.

Benefits of reading and following the Solar Powered Shed DIY Project

● Project includes a complete listing of all of the materials, supplies and tools you will need

● It also has an easy to follow step by step instruction guide

● You will numerous full color photos that show different parts of the construction

Materials and Tools:

1) 15 Watt Solar Panel with Charge Controller (I went with “Sunforce” brand bought on Amazon for about $100)

2) Deep Cycle Marine Battery (I got mine at Tractor Supply for about $80, it has 105 Amp hour capacity)

3) 18 gauge, two strand lamp wire

4) 4 crimp on terminals

5) 12 volt outlets (used to turn a single cigarette lighter into four outlets)
<h3.6) 30 amp fuse and holder

7) A couple light fixtures (just buy standard 120 volt stuff at home depot, works fine for 12 volt applications)

8) A couple 12 volt compact fluorescent bulbs (These are used for RV lighting typically)

9) Optional: A couple 12 volt battery clips to make an ad hoc charger for 12 volt batteries

Click here to read about how to set up a solar panel powered homesteading shed project:

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