GardeningHow To Set Up Hay Bale Homesteading Garden

How To Set Up Hay Bale Homesteading Garden

How to lay out, set up and condition a  hay bale homesteading garden is detailed in this step by step tutorial for gardeners looking for an alternative above ground method.

How To Set Up Hay Bale Homesteading Garden

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For the farmer and gardeners, here is a nice way to do a summer job with the use of bales. Build the bales in various forms depending on the purpose. There can be a garden for summer vegetables, a hanging trellis that hangs around them, so-called “tomato tunnels” specifically made for planting them, or “potato towers” that comes in the middle of the bales. This is part of the entire setup of the bales garden.

For starters, do not stack bales too close, as there should be at least 4 feet between each row to keep air circulating everywhere. Once the bales are set, add an irrigation system to it by using sprinklers or timed hoses to cover the bales.

If there are vine bales or tomatoes or other plants that need a trellis to hold them, build whatever is preferable on top of the bales. After laying it out, condition the bales by adding a few cups of nitrogen to keep them wet for a couple of weeks so open them up. When the bales start heating up, they can get as hot as 150 degrees before cooling down. When below 100 degrees, start planting. With the automatic watering and the bales, there won’t be any need to water or weed the summer.

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