SewingHow to Sew Baby Cloth Diaper Wipes Craft Project

How to Sew Baby Cloth Diaper Wipes Craft Project

How to Sew Baby Cloth Diaper Wipes Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial that will save you money and is environment friendly.  These cloth diaper wipes can be cleaned and reused time and time again.

How to Sew Baby Cloth Diaper Wipes Craft Project

If you have decided to cloth diaper your baby, making your own cloth wipes can take your decision to the next level as well as save you the costs of buying them.Making your own cloth wipes is also a very simple process, with very simple materials. Begin by gathering your supplies. You’ll need one yard of two-ply flannel, which will easily yield you ten to twelve wipes, at about 4 dollars a yard. Double that and you will have enough wipes for one child.

You can also choose to make your wipes out of flannel and terry cloth or a baby towel if you’d like a slight variation. This may cost more but will give you a side useful for tougher messes. Next you will need scissors, ruler, thread, and a needle or sewing machine.

Begin by cutting your fabric to your desired size. A 7 inch square is sufficient. Take into account stitching and cut an extra half inch, this allows a stitch border of ¼ inch on each side. Place two fabric squares right side in and begin sewing three of the four sides. Continue to sew around the last two corners only about a quarter of the way to leave an opening in the middle. Before turning the fabric inside out, cut the corners to avoid bulkiness. Be mindful to not cut your stitches. Turn out the fabric and close the opening. Do this by first folding the edges in and ironing to create a rigid edge, then stitch around the edges and backstitch at the beginning and end. Wash and done.

A simple solution to expensive baby wipes.

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