CraftsHow to Simply Stencil Shirts with Bleach Project

How to Simply Stencil Shirts with Bleach Project

This tutorial of how to simply stencil shirts with bleach project is detailed in a step by step process with pictures and instructions. While bleach often gets a bad rap, there are ways to take advantage of the way bleach removes color and create art from it.

Unlike screen printing which applies paint in a decorative pattern, bleach can be used to remove the fabric color in an equally decorative pattern. This guide was created as a way to introduce the reader to safely use this decorative process at home.

How to Simply Stencil Shirts with Bleach Project

Benefits of following the Guide on How to Simply Stencil Shirts with Bleach Project

● Describes the process of using bleach for decorating clothes safely

● Includes a complete step by step guide to the process

● Includes several full color images that depict the steps in the guide

● Article is written in an easy read and follow format

Here are a few stencils that would work for this project:

~Plaid Handmade Charlotte Laser Stencils, Moroccan Tile

~Deco Art Americana Decor Stencil, Brocade Motif

~FOLKART Plaid 30950 Laser Cut Painting Stencils, 8-1/2 by 9 1/2-Inch, Tangier

~Crafters Workshop Template, 12 by 12-Inch, Rosetta

As anyone who has destroyed their favorite shirt or pants using bleach while doing laundry, while it is a potent stain remover when it comes to white clothes, it will simply ruin anything that has color in it. Unfortunately, it can do even more damage depending on the fabric it touches, it should never be used on 100% cotton as it has been known to cause holes to develop and should only be used on cotton/polyester blends of 50/50 or more.

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