DIY ProjectsHow to Stain Wood With Vodka and Walnuts

How to Stain Wood With Vodka and Walnuts

This step by step tutorial of how to stain wood with vodka and smashed green walnuts is a way to use the gift nature provides to color wood.

This guide will take you through the steps and the process of creating a wood stain out of walnuts and vodka. While creating a wood stain may seem a bit intimidating, this step by step guide is extremely easy to follow and very easy. It’s perfect for those who work with wood a lot and are looking for new staining methods. It’s also a great way for a DIYer to be a bit more DIY.

Not only does this create a cheap and easy to make and use stain, this stain is extremely beautiful. It will leave your wood with a stain unlike any other, because you’re stain will be uniquely you.

For this guide, you will need the follow supplies:

– Walnuts
– Plastic Bag
– Wooden Hammer
– Alcohol (Vodka works best)
– Glass Bottle with Top
– Staining Brush

Following these simple instructions, you’ll have a beautiful wood stain in no time!

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How to Stain Wood With Vodka and Walnuts
How to Stain Wood With Vodka and Walnuts

So many DIY projects these days require you to do some sort of work with wood. Which is great! Wood DIY projects are usually the most beautiful and often receive the most compliments. It can just be a little obnoxious if you have to keep running back to the store to purchase supplies to paint, stain, cut, or sand your wood. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly, or just a more interesting, way to stain your wood, then you’ll love this tutorial.

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