Emergency PreparednessHow to Start a Fire With Steel Wool

How to Start a Fire With Steel Wool

How to start a fire with steel wool and a nine-volt battery is just another helpful method that every person should be aware of. Fire is life saving warmth, a way to ward off predators and heat food.

How to Start a Fire With Steel Wool

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The most important skill to have in the wilderness is building a fire. If you can build a fire, you can stay alive. One way to start a fire is by rubbing steel wool against a 9V battery. You probably never heard of this method, but it works.

The Art of an Outdoorsman demonstrated this method for viewers and posted an outline here. This is the latest do-it-yourself (DIY) project from The Art of an Outdoorsman. Their content receives thousands of views, and this fire-building method is no exception.

The 9V battery was first used to power transistor radios. It is rectangular with polarized snap connectors. It is made of carbon-zinc and lithium iron disulfide. The rechargeable forms are made of nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion. There are six individual 1.5V LR61 cells enclosed in a wrapper in each 9V battery.

Steel wool consists of sharp-edged steel filaments. It was advertised as an innovation in 1896. When rubbed against oak, the iron in steel and tannins in the wood produce a black or blue iron stain. Steel wool is one type of material used for professional cleaning processes, usually on porcelain or glass.

When a 9V battery comes into contact with steel wool, fire is produced. Here’s a step-by-step guide for building a fire with steel wool and a 9V battery. There’s also a video showing the method, along with commentary. In just seconds, you will be able to produce fire.

Click here to read about how to start a fire with steel wool and a nine-volt battery:


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