Medical & HealthHow To Start An IV Intravenous Therapy

How To Start An IV Intravenous Therapy

This step by step tutorial of how to start an IV intravenous therapy is a medical skill that can be life saving in a serious disaster.

Intravenous (IV) stands for one of the most common and significant practices in modern medicine. IVs permit the health care professionals to administer blood products, fluids and medications directly into a patient’s bloodstream through a small tube. The process needs practice, and can be done to perfection if you get the grasp of it.
How To Start An IV Intravenous Therapy

The materials involved in the process include:

• Tourniquet
• Clean cotton ball, pad, or a clean cloth in a pinch
• Rubbing alcohol
• A needle that is capable of hooking up to tubing or directly to a syringe
• Tubing to hook up to a syringe
• Syringe of saline

Preparing to Start an IV includes gathering your stuff together and introducing yourself to the patient. Familiarizing yourself to the patient is important because this makes the patient comfortable with you and if he is still nervous then he may have chances of vasoconstriction. The next steps involve preparing of the IV tubing, choosing a suitable-gauge catheter for the patient and wearing sterile gloves.
After this step you have to find the prominent veins on the patient’s body. Apply the tourniquet at the IV site after disinfecting it. Then prepare the catheter for insertion and insert the needle. Remove and discard the needle but not the catheter. Keep monitoring the flow of blood through IV and once you have to remove the catheter gently put a cotton swab and gets rid of it. Discard immediately after using it. Click the website link below to read the next steps.

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