DIY ProjectsHow to Transform an Old Nightstand DIY Project

How to Transform an Old Nightstand DIY Project

This step by step tutorial of how to transform an old nightstand diy project into a beautiful damask set of drawers. Many people these days visit used furniture stores, local garage sales and even dig through their own family home’s attic in order to find a piece of old furniture. Unfortunately, these old pieces of furniture need to be either restored (a lot of work) or transformed with a makeover to match current home decor.

One way to avoid having to spend too much money in order to find the right look, would be to apply some simple paint, glue on a wood appliqué and some decorate scrap booking paper.

How to Transform an Old Nightstand DIY Project

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This tutorial is very helpful because it give a quick simple outline of each step, which includes typical tools necessary and materials that will be needed to complete the entire project. Old nightstand transformation project is good example of one of these projects that is designed to make it very easy to refinish an inexpensive used piece of furniture and turn it into a beautiful piece that would look great in your home.

Benefit of following the Damask Drawer Set Do it Yourself Project:

● Project includes detailed step by step instructions of the projects

● Includes many full color images of each step

● The project is very easy follow

● Turn an inexpensive garage sale find into an unbelievable treasure

Materials and tools need for project:

old nightstand

spray paint

Scrapbook paper

Mod Podge

Credit card or old library card to smooth out air bubbles

antiquing glaze

wooden appliqué – wooden scroll work

Click here to read about how to transform an old nightstand diy project:

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