CraftsHow to Turn Old T Shirts into a Beautiful Rug

How to Turn Old T Shirts into a Beautiful Rug

This step by step tutorial of how to turn old t shirts in to a beautiful rug is a great way to make a useful household item from items you would have otherwise donated.  Climbing out of bed on a chilly morning and having your bare toes touch ice cold hardwood floors can be quite a shock.  This beautiful multi colored rug is inexpensive and simple to make plus you will have the pride of knowing “You Made That !” each time you look at it.

With a little time and effort, you can make this project with a beginner skill level. You can use a sewing or even sew it by hand.

Gather up all of your old t shirts, never ever throw them away because Homestead Survival has so many articles reusing them into so many different projects.

Here are a few:

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How to Turn Old T Shirts into a Beautiful Rug

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Personal note: I was talking with my husband about us turning off our television for two weeks as a experiment and my first thought is “what would I do ?”. We unplugged our TV and found that their was an endless amount relaxing do it yourself projects and crafts that we tackled as we chatted together. I picked making this rug as my project while my husband choose a paracord project. At the end of 2 weeks, we found that we like TV a lot less and have incorporated craft time into our daily life.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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