HomesteadingHow to Use a Tire to Make Chopping Firewood Easier

How to Use a Tire to Make Chopping Firewood Easier

How to Use a Tire to Make Chopping Firewood Easier

This step by step tutorial of how to use a tire to make chopping firewood easier and even safer by using a different method than commonly used. Tires to make better chopping block.

How to Use a Tire to Make Chopping Firewood Easier

Wood stoves and fireplaces are an amazing addition to heating any home. They add a certain amount of coziness to a space and cuddling up at night in front of a roaring fire can make some of the best memories. And while gas and electric fireplaces are great, there’s something very special about a wood burning fireplace or wood stove. Not only do they smell amazing, but they’re also easier on the utility bills.

Unfortunately, to have a wood burning wood stove or fireplace, you need wood a good supply of chopped wood stored. hassle. This tutorial gives a simple way to keep your logs standing while you split them. The amazing part of this guide is that it allows you to use any used tires you have sitting around and how to modify them for just this use.

This tire chopping block allows you to split your logs into smaller pieces and minimizes the amount of time you spend bending and picking up fallen logs. And, since the tires will hold the logs in place, you’ll be able to make much cleaner cuts. But the most important part of this chopping block is that the tire keeps the axe from hitting your leg if you miss with your swings.

All you need for your tire chopping block is:

– Utility Knife  (Buy Here)
– Tire (or tires for the small block)
– Nails
– Parachute Cord (for small block) (Buy Here)
– Axe  (Buy Here)

By following these simple instructions, you’ll be able to cut your logs easier and safer.

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Melissa Francis
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