How To Use An Old Satellite Dish To Get WiFi And Cell Phone Signals When you Have No Signal

If you are in a location where your cell phone can’t find a signal or you can’t get a WiFi signal this tutorial on re-purposing and old satellite dish to capture those signals may help. While trying to capture WiFi signals would require that someone in your area have WiFi and not be password protected you may be able to share costs with a neighbor so they would be willing to share a password protected WiFi with you. It should work to get you a cell phone signal though as long as any cell tower in your area services your cell phone company. Once he got hos cell phone to pick up a signal he used a blue tooth head set to receive calls. Very smart idea and it didn’t cost him anything. You may also like Make Your Own Cheap WiFi Antenna Booster or a $5 DIY HDTV Antenna! Get FREE TV.

Get WiFi And Cell Phone Signals When you Have No Signal



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