Primitive SkillsHow to Use Leaves in Homesteading and Survival

How to Use Leaves in Homesteading and Survival

This amazing collection of tips of how to use leaves in homesteading and survival could come in handy when you need it the most.

Being able to survive on your own if you become stranded in an unfamiliar wilderness area will depend solely on your ability to keep your wits about you. Nothing will be normal until you can get yourself out of the predicament you are in and back to civilization. In the mean time, you need to be able to use what is around you to provide immediate shelter, protective gear, food preparation and water.

Being able to identify and use the local foliage that is around you to create the best shelter is very important and it is equally important to recognize what plants you should stay away from.

Protection from the elements

The most important thing is to be able to reduce your risk of exposure to elements, this include cover from the direct sun, keep the water out if it begins to rain and to prevent exposure to the cold, night air. This means using foliage from indigenous plants (ensuring you stay away poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac) to create shelter as quickly as possible.

Protective Gear

Chances are you were not expecting to be caught out in the wilderness which means you probably don’t have on the proper survival gear on like; hiking boots, a hat to cover your head or even a coat that will resist the elements. So depending on where you are stranded, the elements you will be faced with will vary dramatically. Foliage can also be used as personal protection gear.

Food Preparation and serving

In order to maintain your strength so that you can have a better shot at surviving you need to find food. However, finding food is only have the story. Once you find the food you need to be able to prepare the food so that you can safely it. There are several ways you can prepare and eat the food you cooked using the foliage that is around you.


After securing shelter for yourself, the next most important thing you need to survive in the wilderness is water. The human body cannot survive more than 3 days without water. Depending on the time of year, the importance of finding water as quickly as you can is amplified. The higher the temperature, the more imperative it is to find drinking water. Foliage can be used to help collect rainwater for drinking.

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How to Use Leaves in Homesteading and Survival
How to Use Leaves in Homesteading and Survival

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How to Use Leaves in Homesteading and Survival

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