CleanersHow to use SOAP NUTS In Laundry Clothes Washing

How to use SOAP NUTS In Laundry Clothes Washing

How to use soap nuts in laundry clothes washing is a new concept to homesteaders in North American. Laundry soap growing on trees just does not happen in our part of the world.

How to use SOAP NUTS In Laundry Clothes Washing

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This is a strange but very effective way of washing. It seems every substance both natural and artificial have multiple uses. This is about how to use soap nuts in Laundry. Sounding strange? Wait until you go through the instructions to the end. There are just four steps involved.

Step 1: You need to place about 5 nuts in the reusable wash bag and tie it firmly.

Step 2: Then you can put the bag among your clothes and wash them altogether. The temperature and type of wash cycle should be based on the laundry instructions of the clothes.

Step 3: You can remove the bag when you are done with the laundry and dry the bag for another use.

Step 4: The nuts and bag can be kept and re-used for up to 10 times before they begin to disintegrate.

These steps are just a mere summary. You need to go through all the instructions for full details. However, there are some precautions involved. You should not overfill your washing machine if you want the Eco Nuts to work efficiently. They work better with more space. After use, you should always store the Eco Nuts in a cool and dry place.

Eco Nuts work with all kinds of washing machines and it can perform in all water temperature. For clothes that are dirtier than normal, you need to use some advanced methods to wash them with these Eco Nuts. These methods have been outlined in the full instructions.

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