CraftsHow to Weave a Bramble Willow Basket

How to Weave a Bramble Willow Basket

This step by step tutorial of how to weave a bramble willow basket is a primitive skill that can be very useful on a homestead.

If you’re looking for decorations for your home, having a beautifully weaved basket is definitely something that can be incorporated into both modern and more rustic stylings. There’s something about a traditionally weaved basket that just adds a little something to a home. And, they’re extremely useful to store things in when you might not have as much space as you need. Unfortunately, buying even the smallest weaved basket can cost you quite a bit of money. And, if you want more than one, you’ll definitely be paying more than you want.

This guide is the solution to your basket problem. If you want a few baskets for your home and have a little time, you can use this guide to weave your own basket. This guide is detailed enough that you can follow the instructions easily. And, because you can find all the materials you need, it will only cost you your time.

If you have older children, this is a perfect summertime project, as it will keep them busy for several hours, and they can use their baskets to hopefully keep their space a little cleaner.

All you’ll need for this project is:

– Dried Brambles or Willow
– Heavy Duty Gloves

This tutorial does the basket using brambles, but it’s the exact same process for willow, which might be easier to use if you’re doing the project with children. In both cases, you’ll want to dry the boughs before you get started, so don’t expect to pick everything up and start the same day. Give yourself a few days after you pick the materials before you prepare to start. It will give you time to go over the tutorial!

You can make inexpensive laundry baskets, organizing baskets, garden harvest basket, decorative home deco and trash bins.

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How to Weave a Bramble Willow Basket
How to Weave a Bramble Willow Basket


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