ArticlesHow Wood Flooring Changes the Tone and Atmosphere of a Room

How Wood Flooring Changes the Tone and Atmosphere of a Room

Wood flooring is a very versatile product. It would pretty much work in any style, going well in any home in some form or another. But depending on what you partner it up with you’ll end up making a range of different styles and effects. If you use your engineered wood flooring well, you can tailor it to the atmosphere you’re aiming for in your room and home. Find out how you can use wood flooring to create an atmosphere here.

Modern vs Classic

Wood flooring is, first and foremost, timeless. Even with so few means of maintaining your floors, the wood floor option has always come out on top. It has been seen in styles around the world through centuries. When everything was either made out of stone or wood, wood flooring thrived.

And modern styles aren’t about to drop the concept of engineered wood flooring anytime soon. It’s more the case that wood flooring is the old dog that is taught new tricks. If you want a classic look, you lay your wood flooring with a lack of pattern, stick to the one colour, and that’s likely to be a warm, natural, brown or blonde. Whereas modern uses for wood include shades that come in everything from black to white, stone and a few surprises in between.

Plus, nothing says modern wood flooring than getting creative with its layout. Parquet flooring is coming back, having not really gone too far from the ultra-modern age of the roaring 20s. The variation in patterns means you have lots of options, but the most modern look is definitely herringbone, which evokes the geometric patterns of the Art Deco style.

Warm vs Cold

Wood flooring is one of the best ways to bring some warmth into a room. The warm brown tones of traditional wood flooring styles, create a room where mood lighting and morning sunrises bounce off nicely to create a cosy space to snuggle up in. If you incorporate some insulation, you can take that concept quite literally, or take it even further by getting some underfloor heating. Have the look match the feeling when you step out of bed onto a toasty wood floor.

Then again, if the climate is kind enough to you that sunscreen is something you bathe in, you might like a cooler look. This is where a lot of stone and black floorboards come in. You can pair cooler tones of wood flooring with floaty curtains for a place where the breezes over freely.

Rustic vs polished

These two points tend to come together to create a style that can either be warm and traditional or slick and modern.

If you lean more towards rustic, you might want to use your floor to evoke the idea of living in a barn, with solid wood flooring, embracing any warping or scratches as part of the look. And if you go in the other direction, the smooth perfection of parquet flooring will give you a good foundation on to build your modern, smooth look on.

There are styles that slot nicely into somewhere in between, like industrial and minimalism. Industrial styles are about using what’s there and embracing aesthetic flaws. It’s like the “recycle reuse, reduce” of interior design styles. They like the raw material of what’s there, so metal furniture, exposed beams and bricks, and of course, wooden floors, are all favoured. Minimalism has roots in Asian design, which is all about nature, which means they incorporate as much of it as possible in water features, candles, colour tones, and wood flooring. 

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