CraftsHuge List Of Diy American Girl Doll Projects

Huge List Of Diy American Girl Doll Projects

Here is a huge list of diy American girl doll projects to make. If your daughter has an American girl doll then you already know how expensive it is to buy anything to go with it. I know my youngest had one years ago and just the doll alone was a nice chunk of change, then there are outfits and shoes and all manner of gadgets and what nots.

Huge List Of Diy American Girl Doll Projects


I know I ended up getting the violin and eye glasses and I believe it was close to 50 dollars for just those two items. That was a while back so I can only imagine all of it has gone up in price. Well My Life and Kids has done an awesome round- up of diy projects to add to your daughters American girl doll loot without breaking the bank. These are fairly simple projects but will really add to the play time with the doll.

She has gathered 60 projects for everything from play food to this climbing wall for the outdoors type American girl doll. There is a tent and a grill, scooter, snowboard and hot air balloon. Loads of clothes and costumes, shoes and boots and even a house and furniture. If there is an American Girl doll at your house and you are the least bit handy, you are about to become a hero when you start making all these diy American girl doll projects for your little girl and her doll.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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