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Hunting Rabbits With Ferrets

If you are a hunter and like to hunt rabbit check out this method of hunting rabbit with ferrets. I had never heard of this method of rabbit hunting before. I think if you are hunting them to add to your meat stores this is a good way because as stated in the video this way you can look each of the rabbits over before killing them and if you have caught a pregnant doe you can release her to raise more rabbits.

Hunting Rabbits With Ferrets

The ferrets wear a collar and they can determine where it is under ground and how deep in case they need to dig down and get it. They just lay these purse nets over the rabbit holes and the ferret runs down and chases the rabbits. The rabbit them bolt from their holes and are caught up in the net. Then they quickly catch examine and if keeping dispatch the animal and continue.

For farmers whose crops can be decimated by a lot of rabbits this is one way of controlling the population while adding meat to the freezer. In this one time he and his boys ended up with 27 rabbits in only four hours. Nice amount of meat for half a Saturdays work or as some would say I am sure, a half of a Saturday of fun. This video is from Freedom Of A Bird.

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