DIY ProjectsIBC Plastic Tote Kiddie Wading Pool DIY Project

IBC Plastic Tote Kiddie Wading Pool DIY Project

This IBC Plastic Tote Kiddie Pool DIY Project is a great way to re purpose and reuse a clean (never held any chemicals) IBC Tote. Please take extra care to be absolutely safe the plastic IBC tote never held any chemicals at any time – only use food grade ones.

IBC Plastic Tote Kiddie Wading Pool DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Swimming

An IBC (intermediate bulk container) tote is a 275-325 gallons plastic container commonly used for storage of liquids and granulated materials in industries, but that can be reused for many things at home. I got my hands on one and I intend to turn it into a kiddie pool in five easy steps.

This DIY will require an IBC tote container that can be gotten for free or bought from different places like Craigslist, a saw, pool noodles and zip ties. You might also need a drill.

• Measure the height you want your pool to be or who you are making it for, use the saw to cut consistently across the metal bands of the IBC following the measurements

• Use a knife or blade to slit the foam noodles in the middle. Slip them over the edges of the pool ensuring that all sides and edges are encased by the noodles.

• Using a drill, make holes in the middle of each of the steps of the IBC tote. You can make some more holes in the corners for an extra support but it is optional. The zip ties will then be passed through those holes created and tied tight.

• The IBC tote has a ball valve at the bottom that can be used for draining water or for filling it with water by connecting directly to the tap

• Rinse the IBC pool twice, pour in water to the top (holds 75 gallons), and enjoy the kiddie pool with your young ones.

Click here to read about how to re purpose a IBC Plastic Tote into a Kiddie Pool DIY Project:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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