CraftsIce Cubes Fabric Tie Dye Method

Ice Cubes Fabric Tie Dye Method

Ice Cubes Fabric Tie Dye method

Okay, so you forgot someone’s birthday again. Or you forgot a gift. Either way, you need something, and it can’t be too hard. Something that’s fun and easy to do is ice dying. There’s a lot of different methods people have, because there are so many ways to do everything. But try this. An ice dyed parfait.

You don’t need very much to do this, and it ends up looking cool and personal. No two ice dyes look alike, just like no two tie-dyes look alike. Besides, you can even just use the dye as a background and write something or print something, there’s no end to what you could do. You don’t even have to do anything super crazy, you can do it as simple or as complicated as you want.

Sure, you could always tie-dye a shirt, but tie-dying is super messy and gets your hands inked up when you first dye it, along with when you wash everything off. This way, your hands only get ink on them once, if you’re a little careful. Dying can be a lot of fun, and it can be a gift, or it can be something you do for a party, or with kids. The possibilities are endless.

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Ice Cubes Fabric Tie Dye Method
Ice Cubes Fabric Tie Dye Method


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