Wild Food ForagingIdentify Safe To Eat Wild Food Plants and Weeds

Identify Safe To Eat Wild Food Plants and Weeds

How to Identify Safe To Eat Wild Food Plants and Weeds is a dam good skill to invest in learning, it can save your life and everyone around you.

It is funny how hardworking people dismiss eating wild foods found all around them but the super rich people pay a hefty price to eat in fancy restaurants that serve dishes with freshly picked wild foods. When will the common man and woman figure it out and eat eating like kings and queens ?

Identify Safe To Eat Wild Food Plants and Weeds

During hard times and times of plenty, diverifying your diet with wild food plants helps your body fight diseases and reduces your grocery bill.

When caught in adverse situations especially food, being able to identify edible plants could be all it takes to take advantage of your situation. Plants have many edible parts such as leaves, fruits, roots, nuts, etc.

It could prove to be dangerous to try out what is edible and what is not, in such a situation. We have to abide by the “universal edibility test” which considerably reduces the risks involved.

There are numerous instances where one part of the plant is completely edible while another part of the same plant could prove to be deadly and poisonous. The best approach would be to try one part of the plant at a time in small quantities.

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Here are some things you may want to avoid: mushrooms that you are not familiar with, plants growing near stagnant or contaminated water, plants with smooth and shiny leaves, plants with leaves of three in bunches, plants that have a foul off odor, plants that have soapy (alkali) or bitter tastes, stems that have a milky liquid, grains with tints of pink or purple (chemo toxins).

Another safe bet would be to boil the plant part in water, and cooling it. Rub this on to your skin. You will know that it is a safe bet if there is no irritation.

If you are with a group of people, the safest bet would be that different people try different plants. Test this out when hunger has not set in yet. Psychologically speaking, you tend to take short cuts when you are hungry.

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