Medical & HealthImportance of Personal Sanitation during Disaster

Importance of Personal Sanitation during Disaster

The importance of personal sanitation during disaster is a concern when a crisis happens. A natural disaster or an outbreak of a disease, takes place is the possibility of others being contaminated.

Importance of Personal Sanitation during Disaster

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Bacteria from unclean hands can spread quickly, making more things complicated and causing more casualties. For example, diseases that lead to diarrhea are responsible for 40 percent of deaths in disaster areas and refugee camps in developing countries, such as in Africa or Asia. It comes from infected water that is spread due to a lack of sanitation in the water for drinking and cleaning, as well as improper storage of water.

Water is something the body needs all the time and is never immune from being infected. Wells and sewers have a specific system to filter anything out of the water, but need a power source to do so. Large groups of people are also high risk, as disease can spread out much faster that way. The importance of keeping your hair and clothes clean is as critical because lice can spread. And, it’s not just the body; failure to rid of garbage piling up could also spread any infections.

These are basic solutions to stay hygienic. Hand sanitizer has alcohol to get rid of bacteria. Scrubbing your hands with water and soap is able to seep into the bacteria on your hands, that rinsing it with water can rid it of. Do so for 20 seconds. There is a trick…. singing “Happy Birthday” in your head once while scrubbing your hands before rinsing.

Bleach should be used for cleaning surfaces and dishes. Even when the power is out and water has to be boiled, there are basic ways to keep out the outbreak of illness from your home.

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