Important Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron

Important Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron

Check out these important tips for cooking with cast iron. There is something special about using cast iron pots and pans in the preparation of food, but it is also not for everyone.

You really need to learn about all of the different characteristics of the type of material that is used in making them. This video was designed to introduce the viewer of the video to the unique benefits of cooking food using only cast iron pots and pans.

Important Tips for Cooking with Cast Iron

I think my favorite iron skillet is my Griswold but the runner up cast iron skillet in my kitchen is a Lodge. For anyone wondering what to use when seasoning your iron skillet. I usually just cook bacon it mine and it gets seasoned. If you would rather season yours without cooking bacon. Try using Crisbee, it is plant based oils with beeswax and it works really well.

This video is from Cowboy Kent Rollins a chuck wagon cook with loads of experience cooking with cast iron. He shares a lot of useful information about cast iron cooking and shares some of his most requested tips.

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Discover the answers to a lot of important questions about cast iron cooking that you did not know.
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