Indoor Seed Starting System Homemade Gardening Project

This Indoor Seed Starting System Homemade Gardening Project is inexpensive, creative and perfect for a thrifty homesteading gardener.

Indoor Seed Starting System Homemade Gardening Project - Homesteading

First, select which vegetables or plants what you want to grow. For newcomers, you should start with something easy like tomatoes and sunflowers. Go to a home improvement store and buy some seeds. Next, pick what pots to plant them in. Depending on what you grow, you could get creative and grow stuff out of egg cartons, glass bottles, or plastic cups. Get some seed-starting soil and wooden pallets (wire racks) to create the frame that will hold multiple plants at once.

A good frame will use 1/8” plywood either nailed or hot glued together to make multiple columns for multiple plants to grow from just off the floor. Lay some newspaper underneath if any water or soil seeps through.

Next, is the lighting, and that could be very much needed to come with artificial lighting if you’re not in a sunny place. Build some stands for the flood lights that will hover over the plants. They don’t have to be very big, just have them sit a foot over the plants tied to an aluminum rod connected two wooden planks.

Measure the bulbs and have the wires wrapped closely on the rod and besides a light socket for easy connected. The setup is done and you just have to water them.

Look at how they grow and water every day until they blossom.



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