DIY ProjectsInstall Wood Floor Made From Wood Pallets DIY Project

Install Wood Floor Made From Wood Pallets DIY Project

This tutorial of how to install a wood floor made from wood pallets diy project is beautiful with rustic charm. Wood pallets are a frugal resource in finding and using reclaimed wood.

Install Wood Floor Made From Wood Pallets DIY Project

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Although wooden floor is relatively cheaper than other kinds of flooring, it can even be cheaper. It is all about your ideas. No junk is completely useless. This is why recyclers make more money than you can imagine. You are about to read how a lady made a beautiful pallet floor with virtually no money.

Wooden floor has several advantages over carpet and other flooring. Affordability is number one. A wooden floor is much cheaper than other floors. It is also durable. It can last for decades with little or no maintenance cost. It is also easier to clean. A wooden floor hinders heat loss through convection so it keeps your apartment warm for a long time.

When a liquid like milk is mistakenly spilt on carpet, it can’t be cleaned off completely. After some time, the carpet will begin to give off offensive odor. This is not the case for pallet wooden floor. Finally, estate agents believe that homes with a wooden floor sell twice faster than others.

These are the facts that must have pushed the lady into making her own pallet wooden floor all by herself. She found some used pallets for free. They were used to transport coconut oil into the country. You may be lucky to get some used wood pallets too but it is not likely that you will get them for free. You will have to network or collect over a period of time.

She had to pull them all apart. After that, she had to remove all the nails. This step took a very long time probably because she had nobody to assist except her toddler son. Thereafter, she went to machine the pallets. The end result is what you are about to see. It is obvious that creativity has no end.

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