Install Your Own Butcher Block Counter Tops


If your kitchen is needing new counter tops, here is a diy project that you can do in your garage or basement and then install yourself. I know a lot of folks like slate or granite counter tops but if you have a nice homey kitchen instead of a (not sure how to describe) new and efficient? I don’t know but to me I really love the look of this warm looking counter top as opposed to a cold stone look. The warm golden tones of the wood really go well in a more traditional kitchen,, at least I think so. If you would like to have this type of butcher block counter top HGTV has a really nice tutorial to get you through the process. From a materials list all the way down to which kind of sealer you want on it they have every thing covered so if you have some space and a few tools and the inclination you can make and install your own butcher block counter tops and enjoy the warm look of wood in your home.


Click here for instructions>>>>


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