MixesInstant Homemade Frugal Breakfast Pancake Mix Recipe

Instant Homemade Frugal Breakfast Pancake Mix Recipe

Enjoy making this instant homemade frugal breakfast pancake mix recipe is easy to measure out and store in mason jars in your food storage pantry.

Nothing says Sunday brunch quite like a stack of golden brown, perfectly round pancakes. They’re perfect for everyone in the family, because toppings can be customized so everyone can get the taste they want. From fruit and yoghurt to syrup and Nutella, the options are endless!

But, pancakes can be a bit of a pain to make. You either have to get all the ingredients together, mix it all together, and try to get the batter into a shape that looks something like a circle. Or you can use an instant mix and hope that any of the additives in the box don’t cause harm to you or your family.

Now, however, there’s a new option! This recipe is the perfect way to make your own instant mix, so that when it’s time to make pancakes, all you’ll have to do is add the wet ingredients and go! This allows you to know exactly what’s going into your pancakes, but still get them made and on the table as soon as possible. Plus, they’ll come out perfectly round and fluffy.

For this recipe, you’ll need:

– Flour
– Baking Powder
– Sugar
– Salt
– Egg
– Milk
– Vanilla Extract
– Butter

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Instant Homemade Classic Frugal Pancake Mix Recipe
Instant Homemade Classic Frugal Pancake Mix Recipe

Using this recipe, you’ll be able to make pancakes whenever the mood hits you. And, with this recipe, you’ll be able to make pancakes that are as easy to make as instant mixes, but taste like the homemade version.

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