CanningInstant Pot Raspberry Peach Jam Recipe Canning

Instant Pot Raspberry Peach Jam Recipe Canning

This Instant Pot Raspberry Peach Jam Recipe Canning method is so simple, you will wonder why you have not been doing this for years. Raspberries and sliced peaches jam combination is a delicious heavenly taste that you can not buy in stores…..

Instant Pot Raspberry Peach Jam Recipe Canning - Food Storage - Homesteading

With the summer on the horizon, this is the right moment to create homemade jams from the freshness of fruits. It is like you live on a farm where peaches and raspberries are grown and you can easily pick off to make this wonderful jelly. It is sweet and tangy, coming off your tongue when you spread it on toast.

This delicious jam is very easy to make infusing them (raspberries and peaches) together and not really needing any extra sugar, but honey is nice, since they are sweet already.

These two mix wonderfully as a natural jam.

Get the following ingredients:

Three cups of raspberries

Three cups of peeled peaches

one cup of honey

one pack of fruit pectin



First, wash and dry the fruits, then peel, deseed, and cut the peaches.

Put the fruit in a large bowl and mash them. Put the mash in an Instant Pot, add the honey and fruit pectin, and stir it all.

Put the lid on and turn the pot on to high pressure for 5 minutes. Open the lid, ladle the jam into canning mason jars and water bath process for 10 minutes. Allow to cool properly and listen for that popping sound we all love to hear.

That’s it, nothing bought from the store with the preservatives, just all natural stuff made in your home.

Use it within a few weeks if you do not waterbath can your mason jars, put in the fridge if you desire, and the summertime snack is going to be quite scrumptious.

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