Emergency PreparednessInstructions For Getting A Passport And Why You Might Want To

Instructions For Getting A Passport And Why You Might Want To

This article gives us reasons why we should get a passport even if we don’t intend to travel. More of a just in case reason. The nice part is that there are also detailed instructions on how to get a passport. For anyone that agrees that we should have one or for folks that may actually need to get one the instructions could come in very handy and are much appreciated.

Are We Crazy Or What shares the instructions on what you need to do to get your passport and whether you should get the book or the passport card ( I didn’t know there were passport cards) I guess with the card you can enter the country by car or boat by if by plane you will need the book passport.



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They provided a follow-up on the process showing the timeline on how long it took them to receive their passports.

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