UncategorizedInsulated Curtains Keep Cold Out Craft Project

Insulated Curtains Keep Cold Out Craft Project

These Insulated Curtains Keep Cold Out Craft Project are a snap to make, easily customized to your home decro and if you are frugal… you will just adore them. Keeps the cold outside in the winter time and the heat from blasting in during the summer months so it is a WIN WIN for your bank account and bodily comfort.

Insulated Curtains Keep Cold Out Craft Project

Do you have issues with your energy bill being super costly? Well, insulated curtains can help you. You will want to educate yourself on how insulation works before starting this project. Once educated, you can start this project to start saving money.

You will need two sets of curtains, Velcro, stables, threat, wood, insulation, curtain rods, and mounts. To do this project you will want to lay one curtain on its side and then put your velcro on the edges of the curtains. After this, you will now put the insulation on the curtain. Then, you will want to put the other curtain on top of it. Note, you can use regular fabric instead of curtains as well.

Now, you will want to seal your curtains shut. Use a sewing machine or thread and needle to sew all the way around your insulation leaving your velcro exposed. The velcro will come in later on when you are in the finishing stages.

Insulated Curtains Keep Cold Out Craft Project

When you finish sewing you will take a small thin board about an inch thick that will go around the edges of your curtain. This will have velcro on it as well and be nailed to the wall or screwed to the wall. Then your curtain when hung will hold tight to the wall for optimal efficiency. You can now keep cool air in and keep warm air out in the Summer. On cold days your heat will stay in more efficiently and the cold air cannot get in as easily.

This is a cheap project for all the money it will help you save on your bills.

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