ArticlesIntroducing Australia’s most stylish fuss-free pool drainage solutions

Introducing Australia’s most stylish fuss-free pool drainage solutions

Relaxing in and around the pool has become ingrained in Australian culture. While having fun in the sun is always the end goal, several things need to be done in order to reach it. Putting a little thought into how pool drains integrate into plumbing and construction does wonders for making the summer season as fuss-free and enjoyable as possible – and it’s well worth your while.

Drainage around an in-ground pool is essential in order to keep the surrounding area clean and dry, helping to keep water free of leaves, grass and other debris. Solutions have come a long way from the utilitarian, rusty designs of the past; elevating the look and feel of a space, rather than detracting from it. 

Aquabocci’s collection of swimming pool grates is a testament to the progress made in this field, offering a range that is both beautiful and functional.

Let’s dive in and explore them in detail shall we?

Colourful swimming pool drains make an architectural statement

Gone are the days where swimmers’ splashes were siphoned off by white PVC piping. Modern metal grates offer greater choice over form and colour, pairing beautifully with architectural elements and tiling. 

Aquabocci’s range is primed for creating looks that add to the aesthetic of your space, providing a wide array of styles that produce different effects. Aquabocci’sA30 low profile drain is one of the most popular picks, featuring a 120mm wide aluminium grate that is available in lengths of 1200mm and 2400mm, both of which easily connect to corner pieces; creating a rectangular shape around your pool. Colours include GT Silver, Titanium anthracite – a rich and deep grey – matte Black, and Champagne. Preview each shade on the Aquabocci site. 

Form follows function

Adding a specific decorative feature that attracts interest is a great way to fuse practicality with style. Limitless potential for custom configurations is made possible by Aquabocci’s unique modular systems, featuring connectors to link corner pieces and straight sections together. While all models are designed with a low profile that sits flush against flooring, each has its own distinctive features, The Blade-T External drain, for example, is made for outdoor areas and patios, subtly removing water with a barely-there presence. This grate is particularly well suited to installation behind the coping tile, giving a seamless, svelte finish to the space.

Safety considerations

While architectural aesthetics are important, safety is the top priority for waterside activities. 

There are two main features to consider in order for wet areas to remain safe:

  1. How slip-resistant the material of the grate is, and 
  2. The flow rate of your chosen solution. 

The flow rate of your chosen system is of vital importance, as a system that is not equipped to deal with large volumes of water can cause accidents. An inadequate drainage system could also lead to water seeping into structural foundations or garden areas.

fuss-free pool drainage solutions
Aquabocci S66 Pool Grates shown in Anodised Salt Safe GT Silver colour.

Aquabocci’s systems combine aesthetics and safety in their anodisedaluminium designs, solving a number of issues. Providing a stunning range of swimming pool drains for you to choose from, your space gets the benefit of rust-proof, tea-stain resistant fixtures that stay looking beautiful, even around salt water and chlorine.

Take a look at the collection online and choose a design that showcases your personality and style. Free samples are available to industry experts!

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Heather Jones
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