Introducing the Lotus Bell Tent


The Lotus Bell tent style home has been all the rage of the DIY home builder crowd. There are a number of different designs of the Lotus house that have been created using a number of different materials. Each of them are all based on the unique circular concept. This video was created to introduce the viewer to a quite different take on the Lotus House and how easy it can used to live in year round.

Introducing the Lotus Bell Tent

This video is from Living Big in a Tiny House, introducing everyone to an alternative living arrangement. The is not your typical portable camping tent that you pitch when you are ready to get some sleep. This video goes into great detail about how this unique version of the Lotus house design can easily be used as a full-time house in the middle of the forest. Using bottled gas to heat water and solar power he is living in this Lotus off grid while he builds a tiny home. He has a kitchen, bath and shower and a wood stove meant for this type of set up. I like this tent. It seems very similar to a Yurt which is very popular in the US and other places.

Benefits of watching the Introducing the Lotus Bell Tent

Get your hands on this Lotus Bell Tent House that is perfect for most any situation.
The video describes how they came up with the unique design that contains all the comforts of home.
It shows that simple living does not have to mean living without many of the creature comforts.


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