Primitive SkillsIrish Lashing Rope Tying Interlocking Knot Pole Method - Paracord

Irish Lashing Rope Tying Interlocking Knot Pole Method – Paracord

Irish Lashing Rope Tying Interlocking Knot Pole Method is an alternative to a square lashing, with the herringbone overlap it should hold a little longer if one of the strands snap. Paracord would work well in this project.

Irish Lashing Rope Tying Interlocking Knot Pole Method - Paracord - The Homestead Survival

For most farms and homesteads property lines are separated by simply putting up split-rail or pole style fencing. If there comes a time that there are damaged sections of fencing there are several ways to temporarily repair damage to this type of fencing.

Irish Lashing rope tying can also come in very handy in the wilderness. The Irish Lashing is for fixing two poles (spars) together. For best results, these poles should cross at an angle between 40 and 90 degrees to each other.

This article was designed to introduce the reader to a unique way of lashing two poles or rails together using heavy twine or rope.

The article talks about how to use twine and a technique called Irish Lashing to secure the two poles together.

By lashing or tying the two poles together in a similar way to the way the original fence was built at temporarily will help to keep whatever animals you want to keep in or out depending on the situation.

The article describes everything that you will need to have ready and it also describes all of the necessary steps that need to be followed.

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