Natural RemediesIs It The Flu or Just a Cold

Is It The Flu or Just a Cold

Is It The Flu or Just a Cold is the question you will ask yourself as you or a family members starts showing symptoms of becoming sick. It is just plain miserable but knowing if it is the flu or a cold will help you to determine how to go about getting well.

Is It The Flu or Just a Cold

Flu season is in full swing all across the country and according to the CDC, the flu is extremely active in every state, with the exception of Hawaii. Unfortunately, there is a deadly aspect to the flu and it does take the lives thousands of people every year.

Fortunately, there are somethings that you can do to reduce the likelihood of you contracting the flu virus or helping to reduce the severity of the symptoms in the event that you got the flu.

Is It the Flu?

Take your temperature. A mild case of the flu often has symptoms like a cold, but a cold rarely raises your temperature above 101 degrees F.

Flu – Symptoms includes: fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches and fatigue.

Cold – Symptoms includes: sore throat, runny nose (clear and watery), sneezing, fatigue, coughing

Allergies – Symptoms includes: nose to swell, leading to a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and eyes watering.

This article was looking to help others learn about ways to better be able to survive the annual flu season. The article is filled with detailed information covering several different topics like recognizing the symptoms, identifying who is actually most at risk for catching the flu. I also include information on how to prevent or reduce the possible exposure to the flu virus.

All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.

* * * Benefits of reading Flu 101: Surviving the flu season, before or after you get

? Discover a lot of facts about the flu and how to identify the specific symptoms if you actually have the flu

? Discusses the typical symptoms associated with the flu to make identifying it much easier

? It also talks about several other infections that can be the result getting the flu virus

? It also goes into detail about ways that you can help prevent yourself from getting the flu in the first place

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Melissa Francis
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