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Is moss on my roof harmful?

Moss is a powerful form of vegetation. It can grow in places that other plants cannot. It can even grow on human bones. It can be dry for a long while and start sprouting again at an astounding rate. It can be hard to get rid of and if you don’t remove it, it can cause major damage to your home.

Moss grows in environments that have plenty of trees and precipitation. As you can imagine, it thrives in the Pacific Northwest. Moss can sprout roots in your roof and that will cause deterioration over time. 

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When roots get under shingles on your roof they can eventually lift those shingles up. Wet moss under the shingles of a home can cause mold spores to grow. Various forms of bacteria may also grow in this kind of environment.

Mold can be toxic and even deadly to some people. Mold on a roof may eventually get into the walls and ceiling of a home. Moss can also be dangerous to anyone who walks on the roof because it is slippery and tangly. It may be hazardous if you go up to adjust a dish or clean the gutters after a rainstorm.

It is very important to take all of the measures that you can to prevent moss from growing in the first place. If you already have the unwanted plant growing on your roof, there are a few viable options for getting rid of it. 

Moss Prevention

Zinc strips are great for preventing moss. You can buy them online or at hardware and home improvement stores. Whenever it rains, zinc will spill out of the strips and onto your roof. Zinc is toxic to moss and will stop it from growing. 

Zinc strips are nailed onto the peak of the roof and into each ridge cap. If you start with a roof that is completely free of moss, the strips can last as long as a year. 

Moss thrives in shade, so if there are tree branches growing around your roof, be sure to trim them. Clean your roof often and remove all the leaves and sticks and make sure to clean your gutters regularly.

Moss Removal

If there is moss growing on your roof, it can be removed. You can try to get rid of it yourself, but it is always best to have a professional contractor do the work for you as they have special safety training. Oregon roofing companies are moss removal experts and they will be able to do a thorough job.

Moss can be eliminated with water and a good bit of scrubbing. It is advisable to use a regular hose rather than a pressure washer. Power washers can damage a roof and require special training to use.

There are a few different over the counter products you can buy to kill moss. Make sure to do some research online to find which one works best for the atmosphere you live in and the type of roof you have.

Some people kill these pesky plants with bleach. However, bleach can damage your roof and cause corrosion. Working with bleach can also damage the lungs and can be very harmful if it gets in the eyes.

Moss is beautiful when you see it in the woods, but it can shorten the life span of your roof. With regular maintenance, you can keep the moss in the forest where it belongs.r

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Heather Jones
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