Its Not Too Late Plant These Crops In July


July can sometimes get quite rough that planting might not be one of your priorities during this time of the year. But, according to Doug Jimerson, there are several things you can do during this month.

If you didn’t do it just yet, July is the perfect time to get rid of faded blooms from the spring perennial flowers you have in your garden. By removing the dead flowers, your plants will look better and you can also stop them from making seed that could sap the energy of the plant.

Removing the faded perennial flowers can also encourage your plants to send energy to the roots for it to have a better bloom next year.
As summer becomes hotter, fruit and vegetable crops can go into overdrive.

Try checking your garden then harvest every day. Vegetables like green beans, cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchini taste better if you harvest them while still young. Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries can also benefit from these daily picks.

Make sure you harvest during peak flavor.
Cacti and succulents love dry and hot weather. These beauties that are easy to care for thrive under diverse conditions and will not die when left unattended during your summer trips.

These come in lots of colors, sizes, and shapes so for you to create your very own magical miniature landscapes in planters and pots. Our Stoney Acres shares some of the plants perfect for July that will still let you enjoy a good harvest.