KnittingJULIANA Crossover Sweater Knitting Free Pattern

JULIANA Crossover Sweater Knitting Free Pattern

JULIANA Crossover Sweater Knitting Free Pattern is a beautiful figure enchaning design that intermediate knitter can accomplish with pride.

JULIANA Crossover Sweater Knitting Free Pattern

A versatile scarf with sleeves is a crossover sweater (LOL), for intermediate knitters. The materials for this pattern are: 9-11 50g Hanks Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light; size 7 needles; 16’ length circular needle, size 5; and stitch markers.

Basic Pattern Stitch:

Knit Row 1, purl Row 2, knit Row 3, purl Row 4. Rows 5 and 7 are knit 5, knit 2 together, knit 1, then repeat knit 2 together and knit 1 until the last 4 stitches, which should be knitted. Rows 6 and 8 purl, working through the first loop of your yarn over and back through the second yarn over.


When binding off, drop each marked stitch off the needle and allow it to unravel to the beginning, then cast on 3 stitches and bind them off.


Purl 4, yarn over, purl 4, and repeat for 84 stitches. Mark each stitch with a yarn over, which will be unravelled to form bind-off ladders. Finish on a wrong side on either row 2 or 8.

Left Armhole:

Knit 26, mark the lower edge of the armhole, then bind off 38, letting the marked stitches unravel.

Next Row: purl, cast on 38 stitches over stitches bound off in previous row. Mark stitches which will be unravelled. End on either row 2 or 8.

Right Arm Hole: Same as left arm hole, binding off as in note.

JULIANA Crossover Sweater Knitting Free Pattern

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Using your circular needle, pick up the armhole marker and knit 92 stitches. Mark the beginning of the round, and keep carrying your marker. Work along in knit-2, purl-2 ribbing until 18”, then rib the bind-off.

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