Vehicle MaintenanceHow to Jump From a Speeding Car if You Must

How to Jump From a Speeding Car if You Must

These tips of how to jump from a speeding car if you must just in case you find yourself in a situation. Things may get out of hand in a moving car, therefore these tips that can help you survive an emergency jump.

How to Jump From a Speeding Car if You Must

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Everybody’s seen a movie at least once with a passenger either tossed from or escaping via the door of a moving car. It’s not likely that you could do this on your own and survive as easily as movie stars do, but stuntmen know how to do it right.

Some things to keep in mind include avoiding the pointy edges of your own body in the fall such as elbows or knees. Also, fight the instinct to put up your hands to avoid breaking your wrist. Distract the driver enough so that he slows the vehicle – some speeds are just too fast for survival in a leap from the car.

It’s helpful to plan escape as you round a bend so that inertia helps you roll further from the car to avoid the back wheels, and start your jump, ideally crouched in the foot well facing the exit. Adam Kirby, a stuntman for the movies for 16 years has more escape tips. Some bonus ideas include makeshift padding and breaking the window to release your door from inside.

These tips are serious and made to be taken so. Don’t try it at home, folks, but do keep them in mind. Strange things happen in the world and someday you just might need to know how to escape from a moving car.

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Melissa Francis
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