Garden BedsKale Plant Once Harvest Spring To Fall

Kale Plant Once Harvest Spring To Fall

Plant kale in the early spring and you can harvest it all summer and right into fall using the cut and come again method.


            What you do instead of cutting down the entire plant is you leave a leaf or two at the bottom and cut all but the very tip of the plant. As you do this all summer and through fall you end up with kind of a long stalk, like this.


           I have been able to cut my kale at least 18 times in one year using this method. I love this because I don’t have to have rows and rows of kale which leave me garden space for other crops. I grow spinach like this as well and can cut a couple of times in the spring before it get too hot and the spinach bolts.

              So you not only free up space for other veggies you also save a little of the seeds since you are not planting as many and your kale is always nice and tender because you are cutting it before the leaves get super big and tough. I can get about three gallon freezer bags of frozen kale and all we can eat during the summer from about a dozen plants. If you wanted to freeze more you would need to plant more seeds.   I love to grab a handful of frozen kale whenever I make a pot of soup and crumble the frozen leaves into the soup. Since it is crumbled you really can taste is and its tiny so kids eat it with no complaints. Sneaky way to get the kale into them.  Pretty darn good amount of kale from  a pinch  of seeds eh?

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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