HomesteadingKeep The Ants Out Of Your Fruit Trees And Humming Bird Feeder

Keep The Ants Out Of Your Fruit Trees And Humming Bird Feeder

If you have fruit trees on your homestead, how big of a problem are ants in them? If you would rather not have the ants mess up your fruit and keep them out of the fruit trees The Cheap Bastard shares his tip  for blocking them from the trees.  In the video he shows where he is applying  the block then her comes back an hour later to show the traffic jam as the ants that were in the tree are now stuck and will not cross the barrier. Definitely looks like it would work and as this barrier does not wash off you would not have to reapply after every rain.  For my hummingbird feeder I took a strip of duct tape and went around the top edge leaving a quarter inch protruding above the very top, then fill the small well  the tape overhang provides with food grad diatomaceous earth and voila no more ants in my nectar. They absolutely will not cross the diatomaceous earth, for them it is like walking on broken glass.




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