HomesteadingKeeping a Heritage Turkey Flock

Keeping a Heritage Turkey Flock

See why you should keep a heritage turkey flock.  If you have a homestead and are looking for ways to earn a little income from it, this might be for you. As everyone knows, come Thanksgiving millions of turkey dinners will be prepared.  Also as everyone knows, folks are willing to pay a little more for their meat if it raised as free range and not fed or injected with things nobody wants to eat.

So if you kept your own flow of breeding turkeys you could raise the babies known as poults and come Thanksgiving folks would probably buy everyone you had and you would most likely wish you had raised more.

Keeping a Heritage Turkey Flock

You may not even have a homestead yet but reading this article may influence your dreams of including turkeys in your plans. It gave me a new perspective of how it was possible. Whether you wish to raise turkeys for selling or to fill your own freezer, this article from Farms Reach will help you learn how.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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