PetsKeeping Homesteading Animals Cool In Hot Weather

Keeping Homesteading Animals Cool In Hot Weather

Keeping Homesteading Animals Cool In Hot Weather can be a challenging at times but totally possible. High tempertures can cause distress and even death in livestock and pet animals. Luckily, we can bring cool refreshing relief for our animals.

Keeping Homesteading Animals Cool In Hot Weather - The homestead Survival

Animals have in-built mechanisms to keep them cool in extremely hot weather. These mechanisms are often overrun by heat creating the need for further cooling methods.

These methods include:

* Providing fresh clean water which will ensure they get a cool drink all throughout the day

* Feeding them frozen vegetables and fruits will also help with cooling

* Having them in well shaded places will regulate the heat considerably

* Using fans in your barn or pens will also keep your animals cool throughout the summer.

You should also note that PIGS lack sweat glands and therefore do not produce sweat. Their lungs are also smaller, limiting their panting ability. Let them roll in the mud to create a cooling muddy layer on their skin that will prevent them from sunburns.

Taking them on evening walks in cool grass and cooling them by spraying them with cool water will also help; remember to start from the rump to prevent the shock of cold water to their heads.

For your CHICKENS, remember to have a well cleaned and ventilated coop will enable circulation of fresh cool air.

The only difference between DUCKS and CHICKENS is that they love to waddle in water; providing a small clean pool under a shade will cool them.

As for Sheep, having them shaved off completely at the beginning of the summer will keep them cooler.

Finally, pay attention to any change in the behaviour of your animals on a hot day and offer relief as needed.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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