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Keeping Your Home Together: 3 Maintenance Issues That Could Cost You

Just about everyone dreams of owning their own home one day. And this is usually a milestone that many Americans look forward to early on in life. But home ownership comes with big responsibilities, and maintenance is one of these.

A poorly maintained home can end up costing you more money than you’ll spend on your mortgage if you’re not careful. And knowing this, there are certain areas of the home that require more care than others. And this goes well beyond termite infestations or pest control. 

As such, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the areas of your home which are prone to damage and that can cost you big money if they go unrepaired or unmaintained. 

Of all the elements of a home to consider, there are three main maintenance issues that you as a property owner will want to avoid over the course of your home ownership.

Roofing: Keeping Your Home Secure

A home is a shelter. And a shelter is defined as a structure that shelters one from inclement weather or danger. Thus, without a proper roof, you don’t truly have shelter. 

Our roofs are what shelter us from the elements. And without this part of the structure being intact, the rest of your home can suffer considerably. 

For example, without a properly secured roof, strong winds can rip the roof apart. And a roof with gaps or areas that aren’t properly sealed can cause the interior of the home to take in water, which can eventually rot wood and sheetrock alike and cause a buildup of toxic mold.

For the best defense, a homeowner should have a roof inspected every five years. And most roofs are recommended to be replaced every 15 years or so depending on the materials used. 

Additionally, when seeking out roof repairs, you should only use a contractor who specializes in working with the materials that your roof is composed of; i.e., if you have a metal roof, you should only seek out a reliable metal roofing contractor

Plumbing: Within the Walls

Perhaps one of the costliest forms of repair comes from faulty plumbing or poorly installed plumbing and drainage systems. And the real problem here is that you may never know that you have a problem until years down the road of home ownership.

But thankfully, there are several tell-tale signs that you can look for to avoid becoming the victim of faulty plumbing and incurring costly repairs. 

In any area of the home where you have plumbing installed, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or even outdoors, looking for signs of trouble periodically will prove to be beneficial. 

Such things to look for are foul smells or rust-colored water that runs out of the faucet when you turn it on. And if the water runs rust colored for several minutes, chances are you have a rusted pipe. 

Additionally, metal flaking also occurs and will spurt out of a pipe when it begins to deteriorate. So just as a precaution, have a plumber check your pipes periodically, and especially if you suspect you have any plumbing damage. 

Damaged Foundations: The Silent Killer

Among the most costly of all home repairs are due to damaged foundations. 

A foundation, like a roof, is essential to having a secure structure. But over time, things such as tree roots, soil erosion, and settling can occur, which can crack, warp, or otherwise severely damage the foundation altogether.

A few of the tell-tale signs for recognizing problems with a foundation are cracks that appear high on the walls, where the ceiling meets load-bearing walls. This is indicative of a cracked or settled foundation. 

Additionally, breaking in flooring can also be a sign of a foundation that has cracked or buckled.

All in all, just about every area of your home needs continual maintenance. And as long as you’re being proactive and keeping up with issues as they arise, you’ll fare much better financially when you catch an issue before it becomes a major problem. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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