Knit a Felt Cat Cave Free Pattern


If you are a pet lover, you have the tendency to treat your cat like a family member. It shows itself in several ways like ensuring its comforts are met or talking to your cat in full sentences.

If you treat your cat as a family member, you want to ensure it is comfortable. Besides, it spends most of the day asleep. A good reason to buy a bed for your cat is encouraging them to sleep in a place that can be beneficial for both of you.

If you have a cat that sheds a lot, you will find piles of fur where your cat has decided to sleep. You could also be sick of cleaning fur off the bed’s foot or your favorite couch. Having a cat bed is a good solution as it keeps everything contained to a certain spot.

If you want to give your cat a comfortable spot, you must not hesitate to try the free knitting pattern for a cat felt cave house by Start Knitting. You can show your knitting skills with this pattern.

Once you have achieved it successfully, this knitting pattern comes with a fashionable design and easy to make. It also comes with felted balls for your cats to play with while lounging in its own home.