KnittingKnit Papagena Shawl Wrap Knitting Pattern

Knit Papagena Shawl Wrap Knitting Pattern

How to Knit Papagena Shawl Wrap Knitting Pattern is a beautiful flowing pattern you won’t be able to resist creating. This fashionable design for shawl wrap suits just about any occasion.

Knit Papagena Shawl Wrap Knitting Pattern

This is a pretty and lively scarf to wear with its gorgeous and vivid colors made out of a deep colored yarn and uses loaded stitches along the edges for customized diamond designs. The name comes from the Mozart opera, The Magic Flute.


3.5 mm knitting needles – I used long circulars
about 170 grams of fingering weight yarn – artist used Noro Taiyo Sock

a lot of stitch markers

1 removable stitch markers to mark RS (called “RS-marker”)
tapestry needle to weave in ends

To create this, get needles that are 3.5 millimeters, weight yarn at 170 grams, plenty of stitch markers – including one that can be removed and marked “RS,” and a tapestry needle for interlacing the ends. In terms of stitches and how to do them, it requires the SB, dec. 9-1, making short rows (there are different ways for this, so it’s about preference), the knitted cast-on, and the stretch bind-off.

This is the knitting structure of it. Begin with a module on top and expand the layers by row, beginning with each module growing and finishing with another growing module. Between them, normal modules, known as basic, are there from layer two from the top. Because they are knitted going in various ways, both the RS and WS changesalong with the layer. There are 23 layers in making this scarf. Each layer follows its own direction when it is knitted.

Just to give an example of each row requires, here are the details for the first layer. Row A: k43, ktbl, slip marker, ktbl, k11, t+p. Row B: k11, slip marker, k1, * dec9-1, k2 repeat from (*)3x, dec9-1, k1. Row C: sl1, k24 t+p.

Finally, stitch the main module R2 to R21. This is just one layer for three rows. This procedure follows for the rest of the way, but it results in a beautiful Papagena scarf.

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