KnittingKnitted Homemade Dog Pointed Hat Project

Knitted Homemade Dog Pointed Hat Project

How to make a knitted homemade dog pointed hat project is detailed in a step by step tutorial and is pretty easy to create. Knitting is one of those useful crafts that allows you to have complete freedom as you imagine all kinds of designs that you can make with just some yarn and your trusty knitting needles. One such pattern that you can make that’s fun and unique is a cute little pointed hat for your dog.

Knitted Homemade Dog Pointed Hat Project

This hat is just so cute and functional for our playful pals. You will love how whimsical your pet will look sporting around the town or even just in your own home. The hat is functional in that it will keep your pet’s ears and neck nice and warm during those cold winter months. It is also quite stylish with the pointed tip and tassel that drapes down the neck.

You will find that this pattern is so easy to follow and so much fun to make. You may get a kick out of creating several for your dog, all your friends dogs and maybe even a few for your local animal shelter.

This seamless hood hat can be made in whatever color or colors suit your fancy as you choose from any number of skeins of yarn. Try to take into account the color of your dogs hair and what color of yarn would contrast brightly.

As you can see by the pictures, these adorable creatures are happy with their new hoods and are seen sporting them everywhere they go. With these great little hoods, your dog will be the talk of the town as you walk around the neighborhood, wearing the latest in doggy fashion.

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