KnittingKnitting a Yarn Princess Crown Craft Project

Knitting a Yarn Princess Crown Craft Project

This glorious knitting a yarn princess crown craft project tutorial is not only beautiful but a wonderful toy to encourage joy in make believe.

Knitting a Yarn Princess Crown Craft Project

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Every girl deserves her crown. How can you come up with homemade double pointed needle knitted crown for your adorable daughter? You do not need to get her a gold plated crown to make her adorable, you can knit one, and all you need is a double pointed needle, a ball or maybe balls of yarn; the thicker the yarn, the higher the crown can go, and a head full of ideas.

The first step will be to know the head size, to get a perfect crown fit, an oversized crown will be awkward, and an undersized crown will be of no use a perfect fit will be needed. The good things about yarn are that it can stretch. So a 19” yarn can stretch to about 21”. After you have determined the head size, you can move on to deciding what pattern you’d want to knit. There are a lot of patterns to choose from, but you can be as creative as you like. You know what will be lovely for your adorable princess.

Which yarn will you use for your project, you will decide that, but remember that the thicker the yarn, the higher it will go. You can also decide which color will be suitable for the crown. You can ask your daughter for ideas on this, be sure to select her favorite color. She will just love that.

Some persons prefer to use either gold or silver, but the choice is entirely up to you and your princess if she is not still a baby.

Every girl is a princess, and a princess deserves her crown.


Little girls wear their crown

Glittering jewels adorning their necks and wrists

Resting on the sofa

Pearls dripping like champagne

Lavish imagination is their Kingdom


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