KnittingKnitting Baby Booties with Love Craft Project

Knitting Baby Booties with Love Craft Project

Knitting Baby Booties with Love Craft Project will keep your baby’s tiny toes warm with this free baby bootie knitting pattern.

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Booties, socks, and shoes are an all among the all needs of babies. Although, these items are easily available at different stores, but isn’t it more touchy to make those cute booties yourselves? Of course, yes!!

The little knitted booties are just similar to shoes that are much more baby friendly. O0ps!! These booties are not capable to withstand rain, but whatsoever; babies do not have to walk anywhere. They are just so adorable, easy to get on and off, and yes very easy to make too. A baby of around 3-6 months would need booties of 9 centimeters in length on the sole.

Knitting booties for babies can be a little overwhelming, even if you have been knitting for a while. The main concern here is regarding giving proper shape to the booted that it fits in the little foot easily and comfortably. These booties will be knit toe-up as double-pointed needles are needed for seamless booties along with higher degree of knitting.

Simple booties might give a seam that is needed to be sewed together and here you will get an adorable pair of booties. It is just a matter of few hours of proper concentration for making pattern for the booties.

Just a tip: To use thin knitting needles for thin yarn and the yarn should be gauged before starting with the entire procedure.

Sweet, soft, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and are sure to delight everyone who lays eyes on them.

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Melissa Francis
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