KnittingKnitting Corona Shawl Wrap Fine Craft Project

Knitting Corona Shawl Wrap Fine Craft Project

Knitting Corona Shawl Wrap Fine Craft Project is a detailed in a free step by step pattern that is suited for a creative souls with intermidate skills. Shawls have been used by women through the ages to keep warm or complement a dress.

Knitting Corona Shawl Wrap Fine Craft Project

Shawls have been around since the days of the Assyrians and have appeared in fashion trends ever since.

You can make the Corona shawl with readily available tools and easy to follow instructions. If you are a hobbyist knitter or enjoy crocheting, you will already have these items available.

The tools you will need is:

• Flax Lace which is 100% linen and 547 yards per 100g

• Color of your choice

• C-2 (2.75mm) hook

• Tapestry needle – Knitting Needles

• Gauge: 20 dc x 10 rows = 4”

The Corona shawl is both classic and stylish. It boasts a delicate lace-like pattern that will complement any dress or outfit perfectly. It is light enough to not be a cumbersome article to carry around and strong enough to offer a little protection from the elements.

The finished article will measure 46” in width along the top edge and 23” in depth in the center.

The pattern is easy to follow and is worked from the top down.

These days, most shawls are worn by ladies needing extra protection from the cold and a beautiful peice of wearable artwork. One such accessory shawl is the Corona shawl designedby Universal Yarn. You can make it yourself by following a set of simple instructions.

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