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Knitting Loom Yarn Homemade Craft Project

How to build a Homemade Knitting Loom Craft Project is inexpensive, super simple and really quick. You can make your our knitting loom and start your first project the same day.

Knitting Loom Yarn Homemade Craft Project

French Knitting (loom knitting) is a style of knitting that creates a narrow flow of yarn. French knitting is an easy way to teach newcomers on the basics of knitting. French knitters have at least four pegs inside that can be used to make various things like a sock, rug, or a hat. It uses a tube-like tool to thread the needle with wooden cotton and construct their item. Here’s an interesting French knitting project to do with the use of cardboard, making an interesting homemade loom.

First, get a compass and make a circle measuring a radius of approximately 14 centimeters on a piece of steady cardboard.Then,make another circle, a smaller one, inside the first circle with a radius approximately 12 centimeters. Next, get a strong pair of scissors and cut the cardboard of the entire circle which will be your loom. Get a page from a newspaper (yes, you will need to buy a newspaper, not just any type of paper), and, starting from a short side, roll it up tightly until you get to the end.Use glue to keep it tight.

When it comes to making the cones,a big sweeping needle will help out. Cut newspaper cones measuring 2/3 centimeters; these are small, so make plenty of them.Once done, glue the cones on the cardboard piece separated by one centimeter. Once it is dry, paint it or leave it, butit is finally complete.

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