KnittingKnitting Pattern for Fox Hot Pot Tea Cosy Cover

Knitting Pattern for Fox Hot Pot Tea Cosy Cover

This knitting pattern for a fox hot pot tea cosy cover insulates a teapot so you can prolong the warmth of the tea.

A special tea cosy is the so-called tea lugger, which enables the hot teapot to be carried around easily.

Knitting Pattern for Fox Hot Pot Tea Cosy Cover

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If you’re a tea fan you will love the way the fox tea pot cosy adds flair to your sittings. Not only do you have tea that is kept warmer for longer; you also will not burn yourself if you pick up the pot. It is fun to look at, and it is also a real conversation started. We will break down all the steps involved in making this one yourself.

Step 1

Take Vanna’s choice yarn in terracotta. Using a straight seven needle, begin to make 28 stitches for the front of the cosy and 28 for the back of the cosy.

Knitting Pattern for Fox Hot Pot Tea Cosy Cover

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Step 2

Using orange yarn and 4 double-point needles, begin to shape the foxes face. Stitch an inch at a time until the knit covers your pot lid.

Step 3

Make the snout by using your double point needle, picking up 12 stitches on the first line of orange. You’ll have eight stitches either side now. You’ll knit a single row, then decrease a stitch each side until you have 3 stitches. When your length is around 10 cm, bind it off.

Step 4

Using your double point needles again, pick up 10 stitches on the top. Now knit yourself 5 rows, taking care to diminish your line by a stitch each time until you’re left with a single stitch. Pull your yarn through to fasten it.

Step 5

You are almost done. Bind the bottom by fixing the sides with ribbing. Embroider on the eyes and nose, fix on a piece for the snout and weave in the ends.

Click here to read about a knitting pattern for a fox hot pot tea cosy cover:


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